Course Participants

  • It gave me the proper tools to better understand and raise my children. It’s a real “Bible” for good parenting : It changed the relationship with my son. I think this course should be given before we had kids.
  • It has reduced the level of tension at home and helped me to become more patient with my family. It has given me a greater understanding of myself and my children which has helped me to step back, re-evaluate before acting, and helped me gain a greater sense of control over my situation.
  • Each week I have come away from these classes with a set of tools. These tools have enabled me to work with my family to make a better, more open family. Like any new skill, the more I practiced and applied the ‘tools’, the stronger the family became and the smoother it ran. Being the partner of a single parent and a first time ‘instant’ parent, this course provided some very much needed basics for a true neophyte.
  • This course has opened many new doors for me. It has made it possible for me to change things about myself that I was afraid to change. This course has also made me realize that parenting doesn’t always have to seem like a never-ending chore. I am now able to enjoy my children.
  • I have never seen a course offered like this before. This course gives practical advice. It is excellent! The homework makes you think – you discuss problems & successes with other parents that have gone through similar problems. This course also is teaching me how NOT to pass on the dysfunctional upbringing I had.
  • Gives me the theoretical basis for very effective parenting skills, applicable for a “lifetime” of issues and concerns. Allows me to prevent conflict and confrontation with my children and others – thereby preventing future problems which may manifest themselves in more serious family issues.
  • Allowed me to interact with other parents & gain from their experiences; provided me with the knowledge & skills to become a better parent; provided me with weekly opportunities to review, practice and get feedback. This is the best course I have come across. I would recommend it to others, just as it was recommended to me by other parents.
  • I share the skills I’ve learned with other parents because they work!! Currently, I facilitate a group of 10 parents in a “Parents in Crisis” group. What I’ve learned in this course I share with others. The ripple effect of a course like this is enormous.
  • This is my second family. This course has helped me not to ‘mess up’ in the same ways that I previously did.
  • My family is happier, my children are more self-assured and emotionally strong.
  • Courses like this one should be mandatory for all parents.
  • It has helped me to regain positive communications with my teenager – something that was slipping away because I didn’t have the necessary skills. It has also made me more aware of the effect my own upbringing has had on my parenting skills and to avoid making some of the same mistakes in future years. I cannot speak too highly of the course.
  • Prior to attending the seminars I had read dozens of parenting books and spoken to numerous individuals about their own approach or beliefs in regards to child rearing and felt more confused and frustrated at each turn. I knew that I wanted to be the best parent I could but I lacked the necessary tools to do so. Upon leaving the first lecture I felt empowered, that I finally was being offered some alternatives which felt “right” to me. Needless to say my whole approach to parenting has changed and with this change the despair that I felt has been lifted and the relationship that I now have with my daughter is stronger.
  • Since we started the course we have noticed big changes in our family – better understanding, less tension, and more fun – not just in our relationship with our child, but with each other.
  • I am a mother of four children and come from a very abusive past. Needless to say I have had no good parental model… This course opened my eyes to many things in which I have learned and will value for the rest of my life… The entire course was very powerful for me…. These courses, when taken by someone with a past such as my own, can help to prevent child abuse.
  • Alison speaks our language … she’s one of us.
  • I really appreciated Alison using her own situations to make the course real… her personal stories … her humour … enabled me to feel more relaxed in my parenting. There was no need for parents to take everything that was presented as gospel; we were empowered to make our own choices about the material.
  • Individuals from all walks of life come together and by the third week they are sharing intimate details of their lives… the personal connection of the individuals is incredible.