Eight Week Course – The Parent Child Connection: The Assertive Parent

The Parent Child Connection has been renamed, The Assertive Parent but that doesn’t mean that this is a course to teach parents to be more aggressive!  On the contrary, assertiveness represents speaking without aggression, learning to hear others and being clear with boundaries around responsibilities, relationships and people’s right to be themselves.  This course is the other half of Sidestepping the Power Struggle and when both courses are taken, parent really do have the a to Z’s of parenting.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle will be embedded in this course for those folks who have NOT taken it.  

The Wednesday night classes are the most beneficial courses to take.  Only these classes can be re-attended free of charge.  They also have various facilitators to help you apply the material  to your life.

Who Attends:  Parents who have kids ages tots to older teens along with any professional working with children.

When:  TBA

Register: Pearkes Recreation Center:  250-475-5400  Course Code # 578754

Location:  The Library at Spectrum Community School, 957 Burnside Rd. West, Victoria, B.C.

Returning Parents:  If you have taken this course and you want to take it again call LIFE Seminars at 250-595-2649.  Don’t wait, there are many people who want to return and some don’t make it in free of charge.