LIFE with a Preschooler

Presently we are just offering the eight week courses, they simply provide more material and of course relate to all ages.

Preschoolers present some bewildering behaviors in both parent and child! Who prepared youOffice WEBSITE SIZE for this experience and how many people do think are sitting in the sidelines judging your parenting skills? Our children’s temperaments are on high gear during the preschool years and understanding their behavior is the most important part of parenting at this time. This workshop will focus on behavior, expectations, and strategies to deal with daily issues such as mealtime, bedtime and getting out of the house in one piece.kidincar

Taking one of the eight week courses as a follow up has certain advantages such as a longer period of time to learn, support from the many group leaders and the opportunity to come back free of charge many times over. Material from LIFE with a Preschooler is reviewed in these courses as well as additional material to take your parenting to an even deeper level.

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