The Parent Child Connection: Parenting Children and Teens – 8 Week


The Parent Child Connection: Parenting Children and Teens

The material from The Parent Child Connection is deep.  Allison will discuss things in this course that you may never have thought about let alone discussed.  It is the what you didn’t know you didn’t know course!  Yet, when you hear the subjects, it will feel familiar because it relates to all of us and our patterns of behaviour.  Perhaps you have read a lot of books, that is great, taking a course can deepen your learning.

Ineffective communication by adults is the root cause of aggression, rebellion and low self-esteem in our kids.  It is just that simple.  There are listening and speaking don’ts and listening and speaking do’s.  Discover them.   Many parents think they disagree about limits but it is usually about how the limits are set and the words we use that cause concern.  Communication can create emotional safety that allows for growth or it can intrude on the healthy development of a self.  You choose.

As the course moves forward, parents learn conflict resolution and coaching skills.  Of course this information applies to all relationships.  Developing knowledge of feelings and needs is life changing!  Conflict will no longer be a win/loose or fight to the finish.    This course helps parents develop the reflective pause that can turn chaos into calm.

Finally, Allison digs into boundaries.  We all have blind spots.  Some of us are over-controlling but we are so loving with our control that it might be hard to pinpoint.  Messy boundaries are not about a lack of love, love actually isn’t the issue.  Intrusiveness can appear to be supportive, but it isn’t.  Over-protection can appear to be caring, but it isn’t.  Indulgence can feel loving, but it’s not………  Once we see healthy boundaries there is no turning back and if we do take that step back, we figure it out.  We all grow by taking two steps forward, one step back!

Self-esteem is not making your child feel that they are special or better than.  As a matter of fact, the love of being ordinary is the foundation for living an extraordinary life.  You might be surprised to hear how we inadvertently contribute to low self-esteem in our kids.  Knowing this matters and will boost your self-esteem too.

Here are some of the topics which will be discussed:

  • Successful Communication – The Power of Words and How to Use Them, The Spirit of Listening, Working Through Issues and Conflicts, Emotion Coaching.
  • Where are the Boundaries? – Where the Parent Ends and the Child Begins
  • Assertive Parents – Assertive Kids, The Deeper Meaning of Discipline.
  • Relationship Building – Developing Emotional Intelligence, When Getting Closer Means Letting Go, Self-Esteem in Parent – Self-Esteem in Child
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Parents Having Different Parenting Styles

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