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Most people take both Sidestepping and The Parent Child Connection.  The order that you take them doesn’t matter.  Together they encompass the A to Z’s of parenting.  It’s best to take the eight week option of these courses if you can.  One days can be helpful as a tune up or to get you started.  Presently, in addition to the Tuesday evening courses, we are offering Sidestepping the Power Struggle, Monday afternoons for six weeks starting February 1st.  Take a look at the up and coming selection.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle 

In this course Allison outlines strengths and challenges regarding our children’s temperament to help us support our kids and find effective ways to parent them.   She provides parents with an effective frame of reference for discipline without attaching to a cookie cutter method and when you understand who you are parenting everything changes.  She’ll look at questions we all have as parents – How do I teach responsibility, moral values, kindness?  How can I create healthier patterns in my family?  What can I let go of?  How do I set limits that really matter?

The Parent Child Connection: Parenting Children and Teens

Are you ready to go beyond the typical challenges of everyday life as a parent and look at how your words and boundaries profoundly influence who your child is?  This course takes you underneath the obvious and explains why.  It will have a huge impact on every part of your life and all relationships if you sink your teeth into the material.  Many people take this course multiple times getting something new out of it every time along with growing deeper understanding communication and those invisible lines that create health in relationships.  Profound, yet practical.

Shorter courses are offered and while the eight week courses are for parenting all ages of children, Allison sharpens her focus in the following two offerings.  

LIFE with a Teenager

Please note, this is a condensed course taken from The Parent Child Connection and Sidestepping the Power Struggle.  Take the longer courses for more support to make deeper changes.

At some point we get fired as the general manager of our children and that usually happens in the teen years. If we can keep our connection strong there is a good chance that we will get hired back on as a consultant. How do we deal with the new meaning of the word trust? What do consequences look like when our kids are taller than us? How can we maintain personal dignity while being dismissed as somebody who knows nothing? Boundaries, resolving conflict and self-care are the primary focus of this workshop.

LIFE with a Preschooler

Please note, this is a condensed course taken from The Parent Child Connection and Sidestepping the Power Struggle.  Take the longer courses for more support to make deeper changes.

Preschoolers present some bewildering behaviors in both parent and child! Who prepared you for this experience and how many people do think are sitting in the sidelines judging your parenting skills? Our children’s temperaments are on high gear during the preschool years and understanding their behavior is the most important part of parenting at this time. This workshop will focus on behavior, expectations, and strategies to deal with daily issues such as mealtime, bedtime and getting out of the house in one piece.

LIFE as a couple.

Mad Love

This course is facilitated by both Dr. Allison Rees and Alan Poole.  With humour and insight, they shine a light on typical relationship patterns that get couples into trouble.  They also focus on the key ingredients that couple’s need to nurture themselves and their relationship.  Of course no couple’s course is complete without communication skill building but they go deeper than that.  They go to the emotional intelligence first.  Owing your own feelings, being responsible and accountable as a partner and figuring out what that really looks like.  This course is for committed couples who are wanting to grow within their relationship.

LIFE for teachers.

A Pro-D Day?  Presentation for Teachers: Front End Teaching

This workshop encourages teachers to take a deeper look at children’s behaviour.  Dr. Rees shares the views of Dr. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child and Lost at School which are, “If a child could, he would.” The morning consists of an overview of children’s unique temperaments and struggles including anxiety, defiance, distraction and aggression.  Throughout this time she’ll supply practical strategies that teachers can use right away.  Later in the day, Allison will define effective ways to manage emotions and talk children down from potential outbursts and self-limiting thoughts.  It takes one person to turn a kid around and often that person is a teacher.

LIFE in the workplace.

A Workshop for Working With People

How you speak, how you resolve conflict, how you support people, how you deal with difficult situations is the focus for the life changing workshop.  Can be offered as a one day but even better if taken weekly for five weeks as that is how it is originally written.  All professions can benefit from this course.

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