Mad Love

LIFE as a couple.

Mad Love

This is a course for couples (of any kind) who are committed to growth within their relationship.  Intimate relationships have the potential to facilitate personal growth in a way that allows us to explore our monkey business.  You know, that part of yourself that keeps you small, stuck or incredibly annoying.   It will shine a light on typical relationship patterns that get couples into trouble.  Developing awareness of patterns is the key to unlock emotional freedom within the relationship.    Of course no couple’s course is complete without communication skill building.  Yet, communication goes beyond skills because how you speak represents who you are.  Knowing this means that you can use vocabulary as a vehicle for growth…  growth, not manipulation so that means ownership of your feelings and needs sets the course for your own personal individuation.

Class One:  Relationship Patterns, Faulty Thinking and The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Gottman)

Class Two:  Emotions and How They Operate.

Class Three:  Communication: Listening, Speaking and Taking Turns

Class Four:  Learning how to express yourself safely and effectively

Class Five:  How to Solve Disagreements and Family Decision Making

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