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Eight Week Course: Sidestepping the Power Struggle

Discipline means to teach; you do that by using loving, Sidestepping Cover 2014effective methods. Dr. Allison Rees will focus on effective methods of discipline, setting limits and maintaining relationships through clear, healthy boundaries. Developing self-esteem in yourself and your child will also be discussed. This course provides tons of information about why your kids behave a certain way and how to be an effective parent.  How do you teach your child to take responsibility?  What does discipline mean to you? For parents of children aged 1 to 10.


“This course helped me to enjoy my children and take the high road with my parenting.”

“So much more than what I expected.  This course really did take the guess work out of parenting.”

“I enjoyed the presentations, the wonderful leaders and especially all the men facilitating.  I was hesitant to come and be the lone male.”

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