Empowering parents through wholehearted learning

Building a child’s development of self-esteem, empathy, responsibility, and values.

Our goal is to empower parents through our educational parenting courses, workshops, books, and articles. Dr. Allison Rees presents with humour, clarity and no-nonsense. The best part is hearing the material straight from the co-author of LIFE (Living In Families Effectively) Seminars.


Strengthen your relationship with your child

These 8-week workshops help give children the skills to develop healthy relationships, which is crucial to their emotional well-being. Each educational workshop consists of a series of lectures and breakout group discussions.


Get answers directly from a professional

There is nothing quite like having a seasoned professional present and answer your questions, compared to prepackaged programs. Many are describing LIFE Seminars as life changing and having a tremendous impact. Proof is in having over 20,000 parents since 1981 attend.

Go beyond quick fixes into a deeper understanding of family systems. Backed by years of research in child psychology, LIFE’s materials and philosophies are renowned for teaching family life. Professionals, parents, and teachers are enjoying LIFE’s materials.