The Effective Leader – How You Speak Is How You Exist

The Effective Leader – How You Speak is How You Exist

Learn the tools of safe and effective communicators and develop tools for resolving conflict. Identify challenging behaviours in your groups and learn how to manage them.   Empower your staff, students or clients by learning to ask powerful questions and call people into action?

How do people change? What lights that spark that gets people to line up with their highest self?

This workshop is designed for professionals who work. Course Outline:

Week One: Emotions and the Power of Listening

Week Two: Clean Non-threatening Ways to Speak

Week Three: How you Speak is How You Exist (What are you saying?)

Week Four:   Resolving Conflict and Identifying What’s Important

Week Five:   Empower Your Client by Asking the Right Question

Week Six:     Creating a Safe Atmosphere for Group Work

Where: Body Blueprint Studio

Approved with BCRPA for 16 CECs.


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