The Parent Child Connection: Eight Week Course March 29th – May 17th

Thanks so much for signing up for The Parent Child Connection. I am looking forward to our classes and sharing the course material with you.

The LIFE Seminars courses have had a profound, positive impact on families for over 30 years.

If you have any questions about the courses, please email me:

Look forward to seeing you.


Dr. Allison Rees
LIFE Seminars


Your class begins on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 and runs on consecutive Tuesdays, until May 17th.

The invite below will be your ongoing Zoom link.

The Parent Child Connection

Meeting ID: 928 1398 7573
Passcode: 803962


General Zoom Guidelines:

• Please participate fully; it supports learning and connection if we can see each other’s faces, please join the call via video if you can. We understand that some folks have unstable internet, and video may not be possible for everyone.
• If you have to tend to children or something distracts you, please turn off your video briefly, so others aren’t distracted.
• Parent education is adult information. Consider wearing headphones if you can, &/or attending from a closed room, so you have privacy, focus, and can take this time for yourself.
• Use the chat format to pose questions during the lecture; the moderator will read out chat questions so the facilitator can answer live. Questions may also be redirected to the discussion groups.
• If there is an option to ask questions aloud in the large group, please use the “raise hand” notifier in zoom so the moderator can see you have a question (if your kids can hear you, please use the chat format instead).
• Please note that the course leader is managing time and not all raised hands or questions can be accommodated.
• Avoid drinking alcohol during class (lecture & small group).
• Be present.

Discussion Group Guidelines:

Being part of an educational group is a shared experience that requires awareness of group protocol. In order to create an element of safety, we have these suggestions:

• Stay on task with the material at hand rather than jumping ahead and trying to solve problems too soon.
• Be open to learning so that you can become your own expert.
• Participants are asked to resist the urge to give each other advice.
• Keep your sharing to the point and avoid story telling.
• There are very few pat answers when it comes to parenting, work week to week and you will get a lot out of the course.