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Conversation or Coercion

The command and control approach to parenting works until it doesn’t.  There comes a point when most children (if they are healthy) rebel against this.  Or, if they don’t rebel, they just learn to go underground so that they can get their needs met.  Many parents are shocked when their well behaved child suddenly declares…. “You can no longer tell me what to do!”  Shocked and fearful, the parent might respond with an idle threat.  “Do as I say or….”  Have you ever noticed that when you use idle threats with kids, they do it back to you?  “Yeah, well if you do that, I’ll do this…”  Sometimes parents wind up an idle threat to an actual punishment.  Many parents believe that if they bark out that threat then, in order to keep respect, they have to follow through.   You won’t get respect, you’ll get resentment and more negativity.  So what do you mean by work?  That your control forces your child to be obedient, to conform?  This does not build a child’s sense of self, self-discipline or an ability to embrace responsibility wholeheartedly.  It might only work in the moment to get obedience but the cost will be devastating.

Punishment and reward actually keep kids stuck at a lower level of moral development.  If a child does something wrong and you issue a punishment, especially one that isn’t fair and done with anger, the child is not left to think about his behaviour.   Instead, the negative experience takes over any learning or caring.   The punishment clears the ledger book.  No need to reflect or feel any healthy remorse.

The higher road is being able to have discussions. Conversations that listen to the child’s point of view, experience and feelings, developing trust and closeness.  This helps children develop a sense of self and nurtures growth.  When they trust us, they learn that we have their best interest at heart so when we state a concern or make a request, they don’t rebel.  When people say, effective communication doesn’t work with kids they are missing the bigger picture.  It teaches kids social skills; it helps them understand their feelings and yours.  It takes them to a higher level of moral development where they consider their feelings, other people’s feelings and why limits exist.  Take the higher road with parenting and you will see cooperation, harmony, and a self-disciplined child.

Be a GEM – Good Enough Mother

Be a GEM, a good enough mother.  Parenting is no place for perfectionism.  The longer you hang onto high standards, appearances and raising perfect little angels, the more you will suffer.  You might have a strong inner critic who holds that bar way too high.

Parenting children is an experience that changes you from the inside out.  Nothing in life compares to the love, fatigue, frustration or guilt you feel when you are a parent.   To add to the intensity of emotions is the fact that your basic needs don’t get met.  Your sleep is interrupted.  You can’t relax and eat a meal without little ones getting up and down.

Who would have thought that going to the smallest room of your house where you used to sit in solitude is now a public space?  Multi-tasking at a whole new level!

You might find yourself saying or doing things that you don’t feel great about.  This happens.  Let yourself feel healthy guilt, which motivates change but don’t go to shame.  Guilt says, “What I did was unacceptable.”  Shame says, “I’m unacceptable.” Watch that thought. It just isn’t true.

While your circumstances won’t be changing anytime soon, your way of thinking can. 

  • Your children will give you their most demanding behaviour because they have their strongest bond with you, not because you are a bad mom.
  • You will have times when you don’t feel loving simply because your self-care is absent.
  • It might look like other parents have it all together, they don’t.
  • You will have times when you just don’t know how to handle your kids, that is normal.
  • It’s not selfish to take time to yourself when possible, even if you do nothing.
  • A messy house is a sign that somebody lives there.
  • Saying “good enough” is not lazy; it saves energy for things that matter.
  • When your kids are acting like kids, you probably aren’t being judged and if you are, tell yourself, “It is none of my business what you think of my kids or me.”

While pain is a part of life, suffering doesn’t have to be.  We suffer when mistaken thinking creeps into our life circumstances.  If you hold the bar too high, it could be that your inner critic is taking over.   Fire her! Okay, so she will never totally disappear, just don’t give her permission to run the show.  Tell her… you are a good enough mom.

Eight Week Tuesday Night classes in Oak Bay: Cutting Through Conflict

People say this course if life changing not just in the area of parenting but all relationships.  Allison starts with a focus on effective communication and moves into deeper issues of parenting outlining boundaries and the hidden patterns in families.  Issues such as self-regulation, sibling rivalry, winning cooperation, diminishing power struggles and developing emotional IQ are just a few of the subjects that will by tackled.

Tuesday nights are smaller groups with Allison.  They allow for interaction and a chance to work with Allison on a more intimate basis.

Where:  Monterey Center, 1442 Monterey Avenue

To Register:  Call Monterey Center, 250-370-7300  Course Number: 128890

When:  Tuesday nights 7:00 to 9:00, October 13th to December 1st, 2015

Cost:  single seat:  $190.00  Couple $294.00 (plus tax)

Binder:  $35.00 ( can be shared with a partner)image007

1 Day Workshop: The Assertive Parent (Parent Child Connection)

This one day course will focus on the deeper part of parenting.  Our emotions, our kids’ emotions and effective communication and problem solving.  By the end of the day, you will also have a clear understanding of healthy boundaries.  This course has had a profound and positive effect on thousands of parents in Victoria.  

Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

10:45 am to 4:45 pm

Book available at the course for $30.00 – not mandatory


Cost: check with Gordon Head Recreation Center

Register: –  250-475-7100

Offered at Gordon Head Recreation Center


Eight Week Course – The Parent Child Connection: The Assertive Parent

The Parent Child Connection has been renamed, The Assertive Parent but that doesn’t mean that this is a course to teach parents to be more aggressive!  On the contrary, assertiveness represents speaking without aggression, learning to hear others and being clear with boundaries around responsibilities, relationships and people’s right to be themselves.  This course is the other half of Sidestepping the Power Struggle and when both courses are taken, parent really do have the a to Z’s of parenting.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle will be embedded in this course for those folks who have NOT taken it.  

The Wednesday night classes are the most beneficial courses to take.  Only these classes can be re-attended free of charge.  They also have various facilitators to help you apply the material  to your life.

Who Attends:  Parents who have kids ages tots to older teens along with any professional working with children.

When:  TBA

Register: Pearkes Recreation Center:  250-475-5400  Course Code # 578754

Location:  The Library at Spectrum Community School, 957 Burnside Rd. West, Victoria, B.C.

Returning Parents:  If you have taken this course and you want to take it again call LIFE Seminars at 250-595-2649.  Don’t wait, there are many people who want to return and some don’t make it in free of charge.

5-Evening Workshop: Mad About You! A Couples Course

Office WEBSITE SIZEFive Monday Evenings:  to be announced

A course for couples who are committed to building a strong relationship.  Couples will be coached to look at patterns buried within their relationship and to develop communication styles that open up discussions and facilitate problem solving.  Topics beyond communication will include, mistaken thoughts, family systems and creating a new vision of your relationship.

Register: 250 –  595-2649

Where:  #217 – 2186 Oak Bay Avenue

when:  Thursday Evenings from 7:00 to 9:00

November 5th to December 10th, 2015

Couple:  $265.00 per couple  or $320.00 if you want to access your extended health care benefits