LIFE with a Teenager

The eight week courses encompass the teen years. Now on Zoom.

At some point your teen will fire you as the general contractor of his or her life. Somehow you need to get hired back on as a consultant.  While we know this is a stage, it can be a heartbreaking one as the relationship we have with them changes. They can go through all kinds of natural learning with “the world out there” and somehow we have to support them as they go through this.  We learn that the only thing we have control over is our own responses.  Punishment or confronting a teen with any aggression can turn things sideways.  It simply doesn’t work, as much as we feel like going there at times!

The other side to this is that a parent might be the one person on the planet who can help a teen develop effective strategies to get their needs met.  We can validate their desire for independence, belonging, freedom and so on while negotiating what this can look like.  This is what keeps them safe and keeps our relationship in place.  

Finally, this class will challenge you to refocus on your needs too.  Limit setting is about the needs of all involved.  Where are those lines?  What boundaries need to be maintained?  What directly affects you and actually matters to you?

Profound and practical, this two evening seminar will give you the insight and tools you need to parent your teen effectively. For longer support on this subject, take the Wednesday evening courses: Sidestepping the Power Struggle or The Parent Child Connection. offered in October and February.

Taking one of the eight week courses as a follow up has certain advantages such as a longer period of time to learn, support from the many group leaders and the opportunity to come back free of charge many times over. 

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