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Live, interactive, online training for the most important job you will ever have!

These courses will create profound change in people’s lives beyond parenting.

Any of this sound familair?

  • How do I get my kids to listen to me?
  • How do I get them off the screens?
  • I don’t get any respect.
  • What’s up with my teen?
  • Why are they fighting, all the time?
  • They’re not getting enough sleep!
  • My spouse/partner/ex have completely different parenting styles.
  • We’re expecting our first child!

That’s just a small sample of the concerns of most parents. By joining Dr. Rees in these courses, you will be empowered to find solutions to these concerns and become the parent you have always wanted to be.

What to expect from the 8 week workshops

• Live, interactive presentations through Zoom, with Dr. Rees.
• Each class is approximately 2 hours.
• Chapter pdf’s are emailed out at the conclusion of each week.
• Yes, there is homework!

Each class is approximately 2 hours long. Typically, each class will begin with a quick review of the previous week’s work, through a Q & A session. Here participants will be able to share their learning and discoveries after putting these concepts into practice and/or ask questions for further clarification. At the end of each class, the chapter pdf will be emailed out. Each chapter expands upon the concepts Dr. Rees discussed, has working strategies and homework for even greater learning.
We have found Zoom to be a highly effective platform and allows parents to go even deeper than in-person classes. Working from the comfort of their home they can ask questions, hear Dr. Ree’s presentation and benefit from other parent’s comments and thoughts.
We ask participants to practice the principles through the week and take responsibility for their learning experience.

Sidestepping The Power Struggles

An eight (8) week course that will help you understand why children behave as they do – their temperament, their stages of development, and the things they respond to. Then it will teach you practical skills in communicating effectively with children, teaching them responsibilities and values, and managing their behaviour. Finally, it will cover ways to deal with yourself and your own emotional reactions to your children.

This dynamic course helps parents understand their children and effective parenting strategies. The LIFE material applies it to all ages of children and types of families.

Course Dates

Sept. 30th to Nov. 25th/20 (11th off), Wednesdays, 7:00 to 9:00 pm PDT

Oct. 6th to Nov. 24th/20, Tuesdays: 3:30 to 5:30 pm PDT

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Preparing to Parent

While going to prenatal classes can prepare you for childbirth, are you prepared for what comes after? This course covers concepts that you can learn before baby arrives and during your baby’s infancy. This is the time to do it. “Many parents cringe when they take my courses. The have been engaging in, ineffective behaviours without even realizing it.” Allison Rees

LIFE Seminars teaches parents key concepts that all parents should understand and work with. Many wait to take this education until they run into difficulties. It doesn’t have to be that way. Start learning now:

Learn the power of your language and improve it’s effectiveness with your partner and your child. Words have a tremendous impact on our children’s self-esteem.

What is attachment parenting? Do people really understand it? The first few years of a child’s life will shape their future. What do you focus on to give your child the best start psychologically that you can?

How do you deal with your different upbringings. It starts to matter when you become parents. Parents often become polarized, but LIFE can build bridges to nurture mom and dad. Your relationship as the parents is one of the most important parts of parenting.

What do you think discipline means? Discipline means to teach not punish, how do you do that? What about obedience? I don’t want to be permissive, but what does that even mean?

Why does self-esteem matter?

How will you deal with peer pressure in the competitive world of parenting. Many parents live through their children’s successes and that comes with a huge price tag for your child.

We strongly recommend that both parents or caregivers (aunts, nanas) take this course. The total price for all parties is CAN$145.

Course Dates

6 weeks starting Thursday October 22nd, 7:00 to 9:00 PDT

email: to register

The Parent Child Connection

This eight (8) week course contains everything you need to know about the parent-child relationship (at any age), including developing a healthy bond with your children, communicating effectively, establishing and respecting boundaries in the family,  handling your own and your children’s emotions, and developing their and your self-esteem.  Both courses apply to all kinds of families with children of any age and beyond parenting to all relationships.

Understand the power of language in all relationships.

  • Successful Communication – The Power of Words and How to Use Them, The Spirit of Listening,Working Through Issues and Conflicts, Emotion Coaching.
  • Where are the Boundaries? – Where the Parent Ends and the Child begins
  • Assertive Parents – Assertive Kids, The Deeper Meaning of   Discipline.
  • Relationship Building – Developing Emotional Intelligence, When Getting Closer Means Letting Go, Self-Esteem in Parent – Self-Esteem in Child.

Course Dates

The Fall course is in session. Please check back for future dates.

What Course Participants Are Saying About Dr. Rees and the Live Interactive Courses.

I believe that the Zoom classes offer a very rich personal experience. The classes had a nice flow of teaching, story telling, and shared experience. Allison is so wonderful at holding space for everyone, while holding court, keeping on track and meeting every shared experience with compassion and great insight. Hearing how Allison listens and responds to every situation, the subtle change in language is such a rich way to learn.  I believe that the Zoom classes offer more interaction from the parents than the live classes did. I have sat in on 2 live classes and 2 zoom classes. Both class styles were great experiences, however I was surprised by how much more I got out of the Zoom classes, they seemed much more personal. I felt a connection to the other parents as well, perhaps because in the classroom setting we only see the back of peoples heads, where in the zoom class we see everyone’s face as they share their parenting experience.


Mic and I are very much looking forward to continuing our work with you. Your first class and availability from you were just the catalyst we needed to move in a new direction after so many years of the same patterns. We actually were just talking about the ease of these zoom classes and the benefits of being able to mute or close the screen for the harder work needed to move forward with some of these sessions. We are both super grateful for this format since we tend to be somewhat private and way too concerned about sharing in a group setting.
On a side note, we are working through the 8 dates and having some intense conversations this summer. Sheesh how can we be married for 30 years and just be getting to the nitty gritty now?? Haha.
Looking forward to the fall line up?


My husband and I took Sides Stepping and Parent Child Connection consecutively which has helped us immensely, giving us new tools and a different perspective to our parenting approach. Allison provides useful information for parents with kids of all ages and facilitates her courses making each participant feel like they are getting one on one coaching. Due to the pandemic and the need to move to online classes, Allison transitioned the course smoothly without interruption and to a new level of support while in our own home. Allison truly cares for each family and their unique needs; this shines through in all her interactions. 


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