Mad About You Course

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Mad About You- A 90 second video describing what to expect.

LIFE as a couple.

Mad Love is now an online course which you can take at your own pace. 

Mad About You opens the material up to anyone whether in a relationship or not. 

This is a course for individuals or couples (of any kind)  who are committed to growth within their relationship.  The combination of the LIFE material and research from leaders in the field,  provides a wide range of insights to apply to improving our relationships and personal growth.  This course digs deep, and while it teaches skills and practical ways to connect, it also dives into the parts of us that can’t access those skills. What are the obstacles? Where do they come from?

You can now take this course on your own. If it takes one person to improve a relationship, then this makes sense.

Covered in this course:

  • Best practices for healthy relationships.
  • What are your relationship triggers?
  • Systems theory and hidden patterns.
  • What to do more of.
  • When the past is present-unconscious reactions.
  • Personality traits – understanding individual temperaments.
  • Listening, speaking and resolving issues.
  • Systems feelings vs. True feelings.

” This course was just the catalyst we needed to move in a new direction after so many years of the same patterns. We loved the ease of these Zoom classes and the benefits of being able to mute or close the screen for the harder work. needed to move forward with these sessions. We are both super grateful for this format since we tend to be somewhat private and way too concerned about sharing in a group.” Sue (recent participant)

Classes on Zoom provide participants with privacy in the comfort of their own home.

Class One:  Relationship Patterns and The Nervous System

Class Two:  Attachment Styles and Building the Relationship House

Class Three: Listening to Understand – How to Listen and Practice

Class Four:  Responsible Talk – Owning your stuff

Class Five:  Difficult Conversations, Repair and Resolving Conflict

Class Six:  Who are you? Individual Temperaments and How They Interact

Class Seven:  What stops us from using our skills and knowledge?

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