Mad Love

LIFE as a couple.

Mad Love

This is a course for couples (of any kind) who are committed to growth within their relationship.  There is nothing like an intimate relationship to plug you into reactive positions. You know, that part of yourself that keeps you small, stuck or incredibly annoying.   This course shines a light on typical relationship patterns that get couples into trouble.  Developing awareness of “systems feelings” vs. “true feelings”  is the key to unlock emotional freedom within the relationship.    Of course no couple’s course is complete without communication skill building but these skills don’t work or help unless you understand the deeper, hidden patterns of family systems. Knowing this means that you can use vocabulary as a vehicle for growth not manipulation. 

” This course was just the catalyst we needed to move in a new direction after so many years of the same patterns. Weloved the ease of these Zoom classes and the benefits of being able to mute or close the screen for the harder work. needed to move forward with these sessions. We are both super grateful for this format since we tend to be somewhat private and way too concerned about sharing in a group.” Sue (recent participant)

Classes on Zoom provide participants with privacy in the comfort of their own home.

Class One:  Relationship Patterns, Faulty Thinking and The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Gottman)

Class Two:  Listening to Understand – How to Listen and Practice

Class Three:  Responsible Talk – Owning your stuff

Class Four:  Exploring Needs

Class Five:  How to Solve Disagreements and Family Decision Making

Class Six:  Individual Temperaments

Next Mad Love Course runs: Thursday Evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, May 5th, to June 16th, 2022

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 Couple rate: $265 or take it on your own as a single: $155.

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