Parent Education Teacher Training

Running an Educational Parenting Group

Sixteen Week Course

If you are interested in running parent education groups or expanding your practice to include parent education, this is an opportunity to go through intensive training directly with Dr. Allison Rees. In the end, you will have an opportunity to receive a certificate verifying that you have completed the LIFE Seminars training program.

The course will consist of presentation, required reading, group work and final exams.

What you will learn:

Fourteen sessions on: Parent education, behind the scenes and what parents need to know. The subjects include: Understanding Children’s Behaviour, Temperament and the Family System, Teaching Responsibility, Effective Discipline and Parenting Styles, Consequences, Communication, Boundaries in Families, Nurturing Self-esteem and Self-efficacy.

In these chapters, Allison will cover the subject from an educator’s viewpoint outlining the challenges that come up with each topic. Where do parents typically go with certain subjects. How can you assist parents to open up to changing their own behaviour rather than blaming their child or trying to apply quick fixes?  How can you support parents if strong feelings surface? Help parents understand the power of their words from a neurolinguistics perspective. Support parents to use language as a tool for self-awareness and personal responsibility.

How to run an educational group. Running an educational group is very different than running a support group or just getting together to chat about concepts.  In this section of the course, you will learn about group dynamics and to recognize challenging  behaviours.

Allison will cover listening strategies that allow participants to express themselves safely. You will also learn some basic coaching tools to motivate  participants to take action.

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