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Our goal is to empower parents through our educational parenting courses, workshops, books and articles, by providing effective parenting tools for a child’s development of self-esteem, empathy, responsibility, and values, rather than obedience and conformity.  Dr. Allison Rees presents with humour, clarity and no nonsense.  Unlike other courses, you get to hear it from straight from the co-author of the material.  Having a seasoned professional presenting the material sets this course aside from other prepackaged programs.

LIFE Seminars has been described as life changing and has had a tremendous impact on over 20,000 parents in Victoria alone since 1981.   These courses go beyond quick fixes and deeper into family systems and things you may never have thought about before.  Professionals, parents, teachers all enjoy LIFE’s materials.Lecture Shot

Experienced facilitators join Allison to coach you through the material and support you while you learn, make changes in your family and become the parent that you want to be.

LIFE’s material and their philosophies of Family Life and Family Life Education are backed by years of research in the area of child psychology and many renowned books.  To the see the content of both courses, click here: Introduction to LIFE Seminars 09.