Course Offerings:

LIFE is offering one day courses and eight week courses.  The Wednesday evening classes will take you deeper into the material.  LIFE Seminars is one course divided into two:  The Parent Child Connection and Sidestepping the Power Struggle.  It is recommended that you take both courses and to jump in to whichever one is being offered.

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours notice is required for a reimbursement of your course fee minus a service charge of 20%.  We can also credit your seat for the next course regardless of the notice given.  

Free returning seats can be accessed if you have taken the evening course in the last five years.  The venue where the returning seats are offered is only at the Wednesday Evening classes held at Spectrum Community School, where we have the room.  We allow ten returning seats per course so let us know early.

Present course offerings:

The Eight Week, Wednesday Evening Mater Class –

Spectrum School Library

The Parent Child Connection starts January 30th, 2019.  7:00 to 9:00 (9:15 on certain evenings)  Everyone should take this course regardless of what their parenting experience is like.  Psychologist, counselors, teachers and parents find satisfaction with the depth and insight in the program.  It contributes to our personal growth as well as our children’s. Understanding boundaries, and how your words impact children will be a game changer.  Sidestepping the Power Struggle concepts will be included in this course.

Parenting Children (Preschoolers) and Teens: The Parent Child Connection   A course for all ages…..

The next Parent Child Connection course is to run January 30th, 8 weeks, Wednesday Evenings.

Price:  $145. Single  $225. Couple (two people parenting same child)

Binder Fee:  $40.

To Register, call Pearkes Recreation Center at 250-475-5400 and ask for course # 17270 


It is held at Spectrum Community School.  A central location for everyone.

Parenting Preschoolers – One Day  

This course has limited seating providing participants with a chance to work closely with Dr. Rees in her studio.  If you want to take this course, sign up ASAP.

10:00 am to 4:00 pm  Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Where:  #217 – 2186 Oak Bay Avenue

$125.00 for a single seat

$195.00 for a couple (two people caring for the same child)

Book available at the course for $30.




Sidestepping the Power Struggle, coming to the Westshore in 2019.

Mad Love: A course for committed relationships.

Where:  Monterey Centre  (sign up begins soon)  email to reserve a spot.

When:   February 5th to March 12th, 2019

How to Register:  Call Monterey Center 250-250-370-7300

Please email me to let me know you have signed up.  I want to be able to follow up with registrants.

This is a course for couples (of any kind) who are committed to growth within their relationship.  Intimate relationships have the potential to facilitate personal growth in a way that allows us to explore our monkey business.  You know, that part of yourself that keeps you small, stuck or incredibly annoying.   It will shine a light on typical relationship patterns that get couples into trouble.  Of course no couple’s course is complete without communication skill building.  Yet, communication goes beyond skills because how you speak represents who you are.  Knowing this means that you can use vocabulary as a vehicle for growth.  Participants will work within their couple relationship while Allison imparts information to the group as a whole.

Six classes: Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 February 5th to March 12th

Couple seat only:  $185

What to expect from the 8 week workshops

LIFE Seminars offers two distinctly different 8-week workshops to help teach the skills necessary to develop healthy family relationships. Each educational workshop consists of a series of lectures and breakout group discussions.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle

The Details for Wednesday’s Classes

First Night: please arrive by 6:40pm to allow for the final registration process to happen.
Classes begin promptly at 7:00pm and your parenting evening ends at 9:15pm.
Where: Spectrum High School
957 Burnside Road West Victoria, BC V8Z 6E9

Download the Introduction to LIFE Seminars PDF for a description of the courses and process you’ll go through.