From everyday practical challenges to the long range results.

From Preschoolers to young adult children, this course is applicable to all ages.

Would you like your kids to listen to you?  Do you spiral in the guilt/anger cycle of losing it with your kids, feeling guilty, and then trying to stay calm and patient only to lose it again?  Do you have one child that just seems to be “more”?

These courses hit home because they relate to everyone, no matter how old the kids are or what your family situation might be.

LIFE Seminars is a highly effective course grounded in years of knowledge and research which speaks on many levels. The material is delivered through presentations, coaching people into the material, in-depth reading to accompany the classes and a chance to hear other parents and professionals.  Classes are taught by Dr. Rees herself and supported by the LIFE Team in the larger venues.   It is recommended that when you can, get both courses under your belt:  Sidestepping the Power Struggle and The Parent Child Connection: Parenting Children and Teens.

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours notice is required for a full reimbursement of your course fee.  We will provide you with 80% reimbursement with 24 hours notice.  We can also credit your seat for the next course regardless of the notice given.  

Free returning seats can be accessed if you have taken the course within the last three years although seating is limited.  If you have taken one of the courses and would like to re-attend that course.  Email us with proof of your previous attendance to that particular course and you can come back.  The venue where the returning seats is offered is only at the Wednesday Evening classes held at Spectrum Community School, where we have the room.  We allow ten returning seats per course so let us know early.

Courses in Victoria and Duncan will start up in the Fall.  Online courses are available for Sidestepping the Power Struggle.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle -One Day Workshop in Victoria

Sidestepping the Power Struggle is a dynamic course taught by Dr. Allison Rees.  Taking this course will give you answers to any challenges you might have with your child (of any age) or parenting experience.

Subjects covered:  Know your child, their temperament, why they behave in certain ways.  Identify safe and effective communication styles that will decrease power struggles in your family.  What is the difference between obedience vs. cooperation?  How do you hand responsibility over to kids?  Learn how to sidestep power struggles, sign up for this course.

Location:  Victoria School for Ideal Education, 2820 Belmont Road, Victoria, B.C.

$125 + GST (single seat) or $195 + GST (per couple) register below + optional $30 Sidestepping the Power Struggle book available for purchase at the event.


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Sidestepping the Power Struggle –

This course is for parents with kids of all ages, from preschoolers to older teens.  Who are you parenting?  What really works to bring cooperation into the home?  What are the best practices of an effective parent?

This course is an intimate experience working directly with Allison in her studio.  Maximum 16 people are allowed versus the larger groups she usually teaches.

The entire Sidestepping course is available On-line.

$125. (including tax) USD



What to expect from the 8 week workshops

LIFE Seminars offers two distinctly different 8-week workshops to help teach the skills necessary to develop healthy family relationships. Each educational workshop consists of a series of lectures and breakout group discussions.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle

The Details for Wednesday’s Classes

First Night: please arrive by 6:40pm to allow for the final registration process to happen.
Classes begin promptly at 7:00pm and your parenting evening ends at 9:15pm.
Where: Spectrum High School
957 Burnside Road West Victoria, BC V8Z 6E9

Download the Introduction to LIFE Seminars PDF for a description of the courses and process you’ll go through.