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Dr. Allison Rees introduces LIFE Seminars two live online courses “Sidestepping The Power Struggles” & “The Parent Child Connection”. Dr. Rees teaches these courses live online, through the Zoom platform.


Courses offered at various times via Zoom offer an intimate, information packed opportunity to work from the comfort of your own space. Times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time zone.
What to expect from the 8 week workshops

LIFE Seminars offers two distinctly different 8-week workshops to help teach the skills necessary to develop healthy family relationships. Classes consist of lectures, Q & A and discussions. You are asked to practice the principles through the week and take responsibility for your learning experience.  LIFE Seminars creates profound change in people’s lives beyond parenting.

*See bottom of page for a note on returning seats and Zoom classes.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle

Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 to 9:00 pm PDT – Sept. 30th to Nov. 25th. (11th off) – Online Live platform to cover weekly material. This includes PDF’s of the course material. Wednesday Class Full
Tuesday Afternoons: 3:30 to 5:30 – Oct. 6th to Nov. 24th.   Space Available

Eight Week – two times available 

The couple seat allows each parent to take the course at a separate time while the other hangs with the kids. Please sign up as a couple if you want to access the two separate times. If not, you are both welcome to share the screen at the same time.

Single Seat – One time frame:  $135.

You will have time to work with the material each week with Allison’s guidance. Zoom has been a highly effective platform and in many ways, allows parents to go deeper. Working from the comfort of their home they are able to ask questions, hear Allison’s presentation and benefit from other parent’s comments and thoughts. The printed material is included in this course as chapters are sent out weekly following the presentation.

This dynamic course helps parents understand their children and effective parenting strategies. The LIFE material applies it to all ages of children and types of families.


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Effective Parenting   – Boundaries, Understanding and Managing Feelings, Communication, Discipline…  Class Full

Sept. 29th to Nov. 10th/20, Tuesdays from noon to 1:30 PM PDT

90 minutes weekly with Allison, exploring all aspects of parenting whether you have preschoolers, schoolage kids, teens or young adult children. The course is based on The Parent-Child Connection material. This material goes deep and challenges participants to do some digging into their own personal patterns of communication, thinking and parental boundaries.  Profound, practical and life changing.

Course Fee: $125.

PDFs included in the course fee.

Preparing to Parent – Six Weeks

Starting October 22nd, Thursday Evenings  7:00 to 9:00 PDT

email: allisonrees@shaw.ca to register

While going to prenatal classes can prepare you for childbirth, are you prepared for what comes after? This course covers concepts that you can learn before baby arrives and during your baby’s infancy. This is the time to do it. “Many parents cringe when they take my courses. The have been engaging in, ineffective behaviours without even realizing it.” Allison Rees

LIFE Seminars teaches parents key concepts that all parents should understand and work with. Many wait to take this education until they run into difficulties. It doesn’t have to be that way. Start learning now:

Learn the power of your language and improve it’s effectiveness with your partner and your child. Words have a tremendous impact on our children’s self-esteem.

What is attachment parenting? Do people really understand it? The first few years of a child’s life will shape their future. What do you focus on to give your child the best start psychologically that you can?

How do you deal with your different upbringings. It starts to matter when you become parents. Parents often become polarized, but LIFE can build bridges to nurture mom and dad. Your relationship as the parents is one of the most important parts of parenting.

What do you think discipline means? Discipline means to teach not punish, how do you do that? What about obedience? I don’t want to be permissive, but what does that even mean?

Why does self-esteem matter?

How will you deal with peer pressure in the competitive world of parenting. Many parents live through their children’s successes and that comes with a huge price tag for your child.

We strongly recommend that both parents or caregivers (aunts, nanas) take this course. The total price for all parties is $145. CDN

Mad Love: A course for committed relationships.

When:  Sept. 29th to Nov. 3rd., Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 PDT.  Class Full

Zoom allows you privacy to work as a couple on the exercises.
Couple seat:  $265 (incl. tax)  (that covers both of you) and includes an online manual and videos.

This is a course for couples (of any kind) who are committed to growth within their relationship.  The combination of the LIFE material and research from leaders in the field,  provides a wide range of insights to apply to our everyday lives.

Covered in this course:

  • Harmful relationship patterns to watch out for
  • What to do more of
  • When the past is present
  • Personality traits
  • Listening, speaking and resolving issues
  • Understanding and managing feelings

Participants will work within their couple relationship while Allison presents to the group as a whole. Zoom classes are preferred by participants. It gives couples privacy to practice skills or discuss concepts with Allison being available to help during class.

Returning parent?

If you have taken one of the two LIFE Seminars courses at full price either in person or via Zoom already, you may attend again using the button below. Just enter the date of when you last took the course for full price.

Note that you must be returning to the same course for this offer: Sidestepping the Power Struggle or The Parent Child Connection

If you are interested in attending one of the courses offered above, use the button below to attend at the returning parent price and to indicate which course you want to attend and when you last paid full price for it.


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Teacher Training – Sixteen Week Course

If you are interested in running parent education groups or expanding your practice to include parent education, this is an opportunity to go through intensive training directly with Dr. Allison Rees. In the end, you will have an opportunity to receive a certificate verifying that you have completed the LIFE Seminars training program.

The course will consist of presentation, required reading, group work and final exams.

What you will learn:

Fourteen sessions on: Parent education, behind the scenes and what parents need to know. The subjects include: Understanding Children’s Behaviour, Temperament and the Family System, Teaching Responsibility, Effective Discipline and Parenting Styles, Consequences, Communication, Boundaries in Families, Nurturing Self-esteem and Self-efficacy.

In these chapters, Allison will cover the subject from an educator’s viewpoint outlining the challenges that come up with each topic. Where do parents typically go with certain subjects. How can you assist parents to open up to changing their own behaviour rather than blaming their child or trying to apply quick fixes?  How can you support parents if strong feelings surface? Help parents understand the power of their words from a neurolinguistics perspective. Support parents to use language as a tool for self-awareness and personal responsibility.

How to run an educational group. Running an educational group is very different than running a support group or just getting together to chat about concepts.  In this section of the course, you will learn about group dynamics and to recognize challenging  behaviours.

Allison will cover listening strategies that allow participants to express themselves safely. You will also learn some basic coaching tools to motivate  participants to take action.

Interested applicants can email allisonrees@shaw.ca.

Proposed Dates and Times:

Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30 PDT, January 20th to May 5th, 2021

Cost: $1,200. + gst.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle



Download the Introduction to LIFE Seminars PDF for a description of the courses and process you’ll go through.

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours notice is required for a reimbursement of your course fee minus a service charge of 20%.  We can also credit your seat for the next course regardless of the notice given.