Online Courses

LIFE Seminars online courses are now available.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle:  Chapter One – I Gotta Be Me!  This chapter can be purchased as a stand-alone course for $25 (USD no tax). 

Who are you parenting?  Every child is different.  What works for one child may not work for another.  Articulate the challenges, develop tools and shine a light on your child’s strengths.  This course consists of a 90 minute video of Allison teaching the class.  It also comes with a PDF covering the chapter.  It has 9 major sections to it so you can watch it in pieces while also going through the extensive workbook

Sidestepping the Power Struggle: All Chapters

You can have the LIFE materials guide you through your parenting for years to come.  Sign up and you will become a supported member of Allison’s online community with weekly check-ins, new materials, articles and more.

This course consists of seven classes on video and the entire Sidestepping workbook.  It will view:

  • your child’s temperament (and yours)
  • working with challenging behaviours
  • managing antecedents (triggers)
  • teaching responsibility
  • identifying ineffective parenting styles
  • what to let go of
  • the language of handing over responsibility
  • love, limits and consequences
  • how children learn
  • developing moral values

Take the entire course for  $125.00 (USD no tax) or 5 monthly payments of $30.

We are building an online school for ongoing support with articles, Q & A, videos supporting families with parenting and couple issues along with resources for kids.  Stay tuned…..