Betterment for the Conscious Parent – Every parent should take these courses.

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The complete package of parenting philosophies, insights and skills.
Our goal is to empower parents and professionals through our educational courses, workshops, books, and articles.  These courses are for all aged kids but more so for all families.


The LIFE Seminars offer in-depth,  thought provoking and life changing courses.

The larger parenting courses: Sidestepping the Power Struggle and The Parent Child Connection teach parents the A to Z’s about parenting or working with children of all ages.  It is recommended that parents take both the courses and it doesn’t matter which one you take first.  Just make it works for your schedule.  We offer an eight-week course and a condensed one day.

Mad Love is a couple’s course that invites adults in committed relationships to go deeper.   While we will focus on communication, we will go deeper than skills.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to use these skills when you get triggered?  Where do those triggers come from?  What are the typical patterns we get into that harm the relationship?  All of this and more………

Get answers directly from a professional

There is nothing quite like having a seasoned professional present and answer your questions, compared to prepackaged programs. Many people describe LIFE Seminars as life-changing and as having a tremendous positive impact on future generations. In Victoria, tens of thousands of people have attended LIFE Seminars.

Backed by years of researched material, written by a clinical psychologist and the focus of a longitudinal study.  LIFE’s materials and philosophies are renowned for teaching people to go deeper.  They direct you toward the high road of parenting rather than quick fixes, dogma or mainstream ideas that just don’t work with many kids.