Sidestepping the Power Struggle: Eight Week Course

Watch this 70 second video to hear a little about what to expect.

This Sidestepping Course Includes:

 Zoom classes are up and ready to go.

  • Understand your children’s temperament and tailor your parenting to their needs
  • The study of temperament also helps parents understand their own temperament and personality clashes within the family.
  • What creates challenging behaviour?
  • Review common power struggles, why they happen and how to change them.
  • Discover why kids don’t listen, act defiant and don’t cooperate.
  • How do we hand responsibility over to our kids and how are you getting in the way?
  • Effective discipline means to teach. What are you teaching?
  • Do consequences work? When do you use them? How?
  • For children from tots to teens and even young adults.

This course turns things around for parents very quickly.  Many parents struggle to understand their kid’s behaviour and try to find ways to change it which is one of the reasons behaviour gets worse!  When parents develop an understanding of who they are parenting (and every child is different), they become much more effective with their approaches. Things change quickly when the strategies .

Sidestepping also challenges people to abandon outdated, methods of parenting.  Waiting until you are angry and unable to think clearly to address important issues in any relationship is ineffective.  Instead, in this course, you will develop a creative, intelligent approach that will not only promote cooperation (rather than fearful obedience) but  make you feel good… and that….matters because guilty parenting does not support healthy boundaries.  Could it be that parents feeling calm and confident creates the fertile soil that allows for growth?  

When you take this course you quickly figure out how you might be preventing your child from becoming responsible, resilient and caring.  You will be given tools and insights that  you can refer to regardless of your child’s age.  These concepts are not for any specific age group because they represent the rules of the social order that apply to everyone.

One more thing.  If you and your partner can’t agree on parenting then you should both take this course.  Get in the same chapter!  If you are reluctant to do this and don’t think a course is for you then do something!  Parents not agreeing or undermining each other (whether together or not) is damaging to kids.  If childminding is a problem then alternate weeks.  The courses have extensive written weekly materials that can be read by the absent parent.  One parent teaching the other parenting skills doesn’t work!

Eight week evening classes include LIFE Leaders who assist you to apply the material to your life. And now on Zoom, we can still access groups divided by ages of kids for reflection and brainstorming.

Recent Feedback from 2020 Course

“I believe that the Zoom classes offer a very rich personal experience. The classes had a nice flow of teaching, story telling, and shared experience. Allison is so wonderful at holding space for everyone, while holding court, keeping on track and meeting every shared experience with compassion and great insight. Hearing how Allison listens and responds to every situation, the subtle change in language is such a rich way to learn. I believe that Zoom classes offer more interaction from the parents that the live classes did. I have sat in on 2 live classes and 2 zoom classes. Both class styles were great experiences, however I was surprised by how much more I got out of the Zoom classes, they seemed much more personal. I felt a connection to the other parents as well as I could see their faces.” – Jennifer


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